In response to popular needs for a wider variety of financial products and superior services, Taishin Financial Holding expands to insurance industry, and acquires 100% of Prudential Life Insurance of Taiwan (POT) in 2021. Upon entering the group, POT has renamed as Taishin Life Insurance, and customer rights are fully protected. Along with banks, securities, and other resources in the group, we will offer customers with innovative and diverse financial products and services.


Now a subsidiary of Taishin Financial Holding, POT has been committed to Taiwan for over 30 years. It is known for professional sales teams and outstanding services. The company values diverse and best-in-class talents as the most important asset. It pledges to sustainably safeguard and create customer, employee, shareholder, and community values.


The company stays focused on social trends and customers’ needs. With flexible, innovative, and valuable product solutions and services, it protects individuals and families at every stage of our lives. Long-term operations elevate performances, maximize customer and employee benefits, and implement actions for business sustainability. It utilizes core competencies to fulfill corporate social responsibilities, and demonstrate efforts in business sustainability.


Looking ahead, the company will stay true to core business values (integrity, commitment, innovation, and cooperation), develop products that correspond to different stages in life, and offer comprehensive financial services to customers. It aspires to be a smart partner to customers, and a trustworthy life insurance company.